The First Test Print

This was the first time in nearly 10 years since my father has made a darkroom print. The first print we made twice, and this second image only took one try. He’s still got the magic. I have printed in a darkroom prior but never with my father. He is fast and amazingly efficient. Everything appears to be working well. With a properly exposed negative it is not always necessary to use filters.

I found this comment online in regards to our enlarger the Super Chromega D Dichroic:

You will need to use variable contrast papers as opposed to graded. Regarding the built-in filters, you will be using only the magenta or the yellow.¬†With all filters set at zero, this will give you the equivalent of a grade 2, or “normal” paper contrast.

For more contrast dial in the magenta. For less contrast dial in yellow. It’s basically that simple.

The cyan filter is not used in printing B&W except as an “attenuator”, that is you would use it only to reduce the amount of light coming from the head. You might need that if you wanted longer exposure times. It could be used in conjunction with the “high” and “low” lever to give you an in between setting of light intensity. You probably will want to keep it set at “0” however. I have never used it.

You may use the internal filters built into the system, or use external filters if preferred.

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