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Setup Step 2: Chemicals

My father took the powder form chemicals we ordered at Adorama, and he got everything prepped at his house. Adorama was the only place that had everything (developer, stop bath and fixer) and more importantly was able to ship it. It came in two shipments. I believe two of them came in powder form, I think it was the stop bath which came in a small liquid container. He brought everything over this morning and we quickly setup to do a test run. He was concerned because he had never used a color enlarger to do black and white prints. The particular enlarger we have is able to develop both Black & White and Color prints.

Shopping list:

KKRFXG Kodak Liquid Rapid Fixer Solution for Black & White Film and Paper, 1-Gallon, Part “A” & “B”. 2
KKD76G Kodak D-76 Black & White Film Developer, Powder to Make 1 Gallon. 1
KKISBP Kodak Indicator Stop Bath For Black & White Films And Papers, 1-Pint Bottle To Make 8-Gallons. 1
ILMFW111450G Ilford Multigrade FB Fiber Based Warmtone VC Variable Contrast Black & White Enlarging Paper – 11×14″-50 Sheets – Glossy Surface 1


Setup Step 1: Installing the shelf for the enlarger

Growing up in my fathers darkroom, he had no chairs. Simply a very long shelf made out of some cheap kitchen top sold at Lowes, held up on steel braces my grandfather made, drilled into the studs to hold the weight of the enlarger. It ran along the back most wall for the entire width of the bedroom he had converted. Tinfoil covered the rooms only window. I wish I had a picture. To the left on the floor lay a gigantic steel “sink” which to me as a young child looked like a gigantic steel bathtub of sorts. It was nearly as long as the back wall and had trays inside. I rarely saw it in a used state because with young children around my father was careful to put everything away when he was done. I remember the smell of his hands after he would come out of the darkroom, the tart smell of the chemistry.

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